#59 is a Blue French Bulldog


Although the blue French Bulldog is well advertised as a sought after colour and is sold at high prices, it is not acceptable as a contestant at exhibitions!

The French Bulldog’s compact body, muscular strength, bat-like ears and short, stubby nose make it one of the first choices of many families as the perfect pet. They love to play and make good watchdogs.

Did you know, however, the French Bulldog or Frenchie is also well-known for its glossy coat? French Bulldogs come in a host of different colours, some of which are in high demand by various kennel clubs and included in their strict rules for show dogs.

French Bulldogs sport a smooth, short, shiny, coat. Their skin is loose and wrinkled at the head and shoulders.

The Frenchie comes in various colours including brindle, cream and fawn. The brindle also comes in various shades which include Tiger Brindle, Brindle Pied(brindle and white), and Black Brindle. In the show ring unacceptable colours include mouse, liver, solid black and black with tan or white. In spite of this any Frenchie can qualify to be a champion, irrespective of his colour.

So let’s discuss the many varied guidelines set out by the American Kennel Club, which specify what standards are required for French Bulldogs in show dog competitions. If your French Bulldog does not meet these standards they are still thought of as purebred, not necessarily of a lesser standard. However, they will not be allowed to compete in these competitions.

The most common standard agreed upon by the many clubs and organizations is the French Bulldog’s coat and colour. The most popular colour being brindle and white, plus other colour combinations of all-brown. White and fawn are colours that are also acceptable by most competition rules.

Unacceptable colours include coats of solid black that have no white or brown markings, black and tan, light brown or dark red, black with white markings or vice versa. If your French Bulldog has any of these shadings, they will still make a good pet, but will not be of competition standard.

Apart from their coat colour, many competitions also have colour rules for the French Bulldog’s nose and eyes. A French Bulldog on show should have dark eyes when the dog is facing forward, with no visible white. A light coloured dog may have lighter eyes and nose. But most judges prefer a black nose.

Consultation with your French bulldog breeder will assist you in acquiring the blue ribbon. When buying a French Bulldog, you need to determine whether you will be entering them in competitions or merely keeping them as house pets. The show dog kind will obviously be more expensive.

But the colour of the coats, eyes and noses is not the most important thing to consider because French Bulldogs are good, loyal companions, playful, good with children and easy-going and friendly dogs. Their temperament will not change according to the colour of their coat.

Frenchies are loving and attention-needing dogs and you must be prepared to give lavishly of your time and love. Your French Bulldog breeder can advise you of what is available in your area.


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