French Bulldog Clothes



This might seem like a joke to some people, dressing a dog! Dogs don’t need clothes! And they can’t even choose their own! Some dog owners like their dogs to look special and cute, and if you are in charge, you can do what you like, after all.

But how would a bulldog look in clothes? You might be thinking how ridiculous this all is, but French Bulldogs look unlike other dogs, they can in fact look quite ferocious when actually they are very sweet tempered and loveable, much more so than the American bulldog. Dressing them up can be quite an easy and fun thing to do.

So if you are going to buy French Bulldog clothes you will have to decide if you want a French bulldog sweater because you are living in a cool climate country or if you want a French Bulldog t shirt because you are living in a place that has a warmer climate.

If you are going to a smart occasion where you have to look your best you should probably look for a French Bulldog shirt that will make him stand out in the crowd.

Shopping for clothes is always enjoyable, and shopping for French Bulldog clothes can be equally so. But don’t go wild now! Whether shopping online or at a department store, you need to make sure you are following the correct procedure. As if you were buying for yourself or your children, there are things you need to take into consideration.

First of all, you need to know your French Bulldog’s size. The clothes that you are buying for your bulldog need to fit, plus have plenty of room for them to move around in and be comfortable.

To measure your dog, work out the length by measuring from the neck down to the base of the tail.

Most dog clothes come with Velcro fastenings to allow for different sizes and widths. However French Bulldogs usually have quite a large chest, so you need to specify what breed of dog you are buying for.

You need to remember that French Bulldogs do not cope well in hot weather. If you live in a warm to hot climate, you need to ensure you choose thin, loose fitting clothes for your French Bulldog. This means that the material can breathe and allow air inside to keep your bulldog’s body cool.

What about accessories? All fashion needs accessories. Be careful with this though, as things like buttons, necklaces, tassels and other small items can be dangerous.

French Bulldogs can be nosy, and they might try and chew or swallow something that is hanging from their garment or that attracts their attention. This could cause your bulldog to choke or develop stomach problems. It might be better to just go with some sexy sunglasses or a bandanna.

If you are skilled at sewing you could possibly design and make clothes for your French Bulldog. There are plenty of themes to choose from. Remember though, it is not necessary to dress up your bulldog every day. Do so only for special events and occasions.

You also need to accustom your bulldog to wearing clothes as this is not something that comes naturally to an animal.

Clothing your bulldog is a good idea not only for your pet, but also as a gift for friends who have French Bulldogs.

So when next you shop for French Bulldog clothes for yourself, think about what your Bulldog friends might like as well.



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