French Bulldog Vital Needs




Many people think that all dogs are the same, they have the same needs, like eating, playing, sleeping and messing, how simple is that? Yes, most dogs do have the same characteristics, but some different types of dog have more specialized needs that may require specialized attention.

All dogs have a need for exercise but there are some distinct differences. If you are the owner of a French Bulldog, or plan to become an owner, you need to know the difference between a happy, healthy and contented French Bulldog and one who is unhappy and unhealthy.

Here is a list of important things that all French Bulldog owners should know about their dog’s basic needs. This list will help you to play a valuable role in the life of your French Bulldog and also be of assistance to those who are considering becoming owners of a French Bulldog.

Your guidelines are as follows:
Have a designated area in your house or garden where your French Bulldog can find shade – French Bulldogs suffer in the heat. Because of their strangely shaped head, they find it hard to keep cool.

When it is very hot or they are fatigued they might find it difficult to breathe. If you live in places with warm climatic conditions, a room that is cool or even air-conditioned should be available for your French Bulldog.

The garden should also have shaded areas where your dog can lie on hot days. It is important to make your French Bulldog feel loved and cared for by giving him satisfactory shelter.

Water must be available at all timeswater will help to keep your French Bulldog cool. They tend to build up heat from within and need to be able to drink often. Even after just a little amount of exercise they will become hot and bothered and start to pant. A water bowl should always be available inside and outside of your house.

Exercise – French Bulldogs are not terribly active. They easily get tired and cannot run around for long periods of time. However, it is important to walk and exercise them to build up their strength and muscle tone. This should be done twice daily. This will encourage them to leave their waste matter away from your home. The best time to exercise your French Bulldog is early in the morning or after dark at night, so that they don’t get too hot from the sun.

Nutritional diet – Your French Bulldog’s food should be of a good quality. This will keep your dog healthy and strong, prevent illness and keep his coat glossy and in good condition.

Love and respect – French Bulldogs, as with all other dogs, need love and to feel they belong. It needs your attention and time. French Bulldogs particularly need to be played with and petted.

It is worth spending money on toys for them to play with and little delicacies for them to eat.

It is also advisable for them to have a collar and leash as this can prevent them from getting lost.

Last but not least, trips to the vet are very necessary. Although costly and time consuming, your French Bulldog’s health and well-being is of the utmost importance.


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